America in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

Tuesdays, April 2 – May 7
10:00 AM to Noon
Leaders: Chuck Gerhan & Dick Hesse
Location: Congregational Church, Parish Hall, Henniker; 43 Maple St, Henniker, NH 03242

America, in the era from the Civil War to the end of World War I, found itself in such a major transition some called it a revolution. In this span of time, aided by remarkable technological innovations, the Nation changed from an agricultural to an industrial force in the world economy. The movement was led by industrial titans whose vast wealth gave the era the name, The Gilded Age. The transition came with major social and economic turbulence which in turn led to reforms in government and society and has been called the Progressive Era. The lecturer is Great Courses' Prof. Edward O’Donnell, a history professor at the College of Holy Cross. These dynamic events in politics, economics and culture provide Chuck and Dick multiple opportunities to draw comparisons to our nation’s history over the decades since World War II.

Charles (“Chuck”) Gerhan, retired from careers as a naval officer, pilot, aeronautical engineer and lawyer, has developed an interest in the social and political aspects of history. Fascinated by the events which have set the stage for our own generation, he enjoys the opportunity to learn from and discuss times which connect closely with our own.
Richard (“Dick”) Hesse is a retired law professor with a Master's Degree in History from Temple and a law degree from Georgetown. He enjoys sharing his love of history and the humanities with other LINEC scholars.

Schedule of Lecture Topics
April 2: "Bind Up the Nation's Wounds"; The Reconstruction Revolution
April 9: Buffalo Bill Cody and the Myth of the West; Smokestack Nation: The Industrial Titans
April 16: Andrew Carnegie: The Self-Made Ideal; Big Business: Democracy for Sale?
April 23: The New Immigrants: A New America; Big Cities: The Underbelly Revealed
April 30: Popular Culture: Jazz, Modern Art, Movies; New Technology: Cars, Electricity, Records
May 7: The 1892 Homestead Strike; Morals and Manners: Middle-Class Society