Steering Committee

Steering Committee 2020-2021

This committee administers the programs and tends the business
of the organization.

Chair: Louise Cyr | 428-3012

Vice Chair/Historian: Ken Traum

Secretary: Jean Buck

Treasurer: Lee DeBell

Registrar/Membership/Website: Heidi Page 978-743-9077,

Curriculum Committee: Fran Philippe, Chair 603-369-2844,,
jean Buck, Alice Nye, Jean Anglim, Jackie Beaule-Harnish, Paul Hague, Dick Hesse, Mindy Fitterman

Catalog: Nola Jordan, Chair; Fran Philippe, Layout;
Anne McCausland, Judy Eliasberg, Alice Nye, Proofreaders

Nominating: Anne McCausland, Richard McNamara, Edda Poggio

Mailing Susan Roman

Marketing/Publicity Alice Nye

Auditor Judy Eliasberg

NEC Staff Leaison
Professor/Theatre Glenn Stuart

LINEC is a member of Road Scholar Institute Network (RSIN).
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