A New History of Life

Mondays, October 7 to November 11
10:00 AM to Noon
Leader: Paul Hauge
Location: TBD

This course is a course in paleontology. It traces some of the wanderings of our wider family, the biosphere, from its first appearance on Earth around 4 billion years ago through to the present day. This journey has been a fantastic one, with many interesting twists and turns along the way, many high points and more than a few crises. So far as we know, our planet is the only one having life.

October 7:
Incredible Variety—The Cambrian Explosion
Window to a Lost World—The Burgess Shale

October 14
The Forgotten Fossils in Earth’s Story
Introduction to the Great Mass Extinctions

October 21
The Collapse of Earth’s First Eden
Making the Break for Land

October 28
Getting a Backbone—The Story of Vertebrates
The Evolution of Jaws

November 4
These Limbs Were Made for Walking?
Tiktaalik—The Search for a Fishapod

November 11
Carboniferous Giants and Coal
Amniotes—The Shape of Things to Come

Paul Hague is a retired geologist, who also had to study paleontology, and who loves to continue learning.