The Learning Institute of New England College (LINEC) is a program created to educate, entertain, and enhance life.  It offers non-credit, totally volunteer, peer-led and peer-taught courses to retired and younger adults for the sheer pleasure of learning.  LINEC classes are sponsored in conjunction with New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire, for the benefit of its members.

We offer three terms each academic year, lasting four to six weeks.  The fall term is in October and November; the spring term is in April and May; and the summer term is in July. As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our courses remain on Zoom, others now meet in person.

LINEC Organizational Documents

Listed below you will find a short description of each of LINEC’s Organizational Documents as well as a link to access the full document.


The By-Laws are the framework on which LINEC is established, much like a constitution. The By-Laws may only be changed or amended at the Annual Meeting of the full membership. The current by-laws were amended in August of 2020. LINEC By-laws Approved at Annual Meeting Sept 10 2022

Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures spell out the ways in which LINEC carries out its purpose on a practical level. Policies, which are more subject to change to reflect current needs, are determined by the Steering Committee. The current document was amended in November of 2021. Click here for full document.

Job Descriptions

This document specifies the tasks and responsibilities of the Steering Committee, officers, and committee chairs as well as various other positions. The Steering Committee last updated the Job Descriptions in 2019. amended job descriptions 2023

Brief History of LINEC


New England College (NEC) in Henniker, New Hampshire, has provided educational opportunities for older adults since the beginning of the Road Scholar program in 1975 (formerly Elderhostel) which had roots at NEC and four other New Hampshire colleges.  These were trips and non-credit college-level courses at member universities and colleges.


Lifelong learning institutes began a decade later. NEC wanted to create learning opportunities for retired adults who lived within commuting distance of the College campus.  In the early fall of 1989, an invitation to attend a planning meeting for the new institute was issued by Professor of Economics, Thea Braiterman, and Professor of Education, Marvin Seperson.  Jim Verschuren, then the Director of Elderhostel’s Office of Support and Development, was the keynote speaker.

Two meetings followed in November.  Eighteen people paid the first membership dues – on good faith – and Marvin Braiterman became the first Chair.  Committees were created, the first statement of policy was drafted and The Learning Institute of New England College (LINEC) was formed.


Classes started in the spring of 1990.  The rest is history, which is well documented in course catalogs, and in Steering Committee and Annual Meeting minutes.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

At the 2019 Annual Meeting, LINEC celebrated its 30th anniversary. We continue to be inspired by the dedication of those who led LINEC through its formative years and by the talents and gifts of its members since that time. LINEC continues to offer classes in many disciplines such as science, history, literature, art, music, film, social sciences, mathematics, technology, and topical issues.  Members are invited to offer suggestions for future courses.