LINEC is almost entirely volunteer-run.

Throughout its 30+ years LINEC has benefited from many talented volunteer teachers who shared their knowledge in a great variety of courses.

LINEC also depends on volunteers to do the behind-the-scenes work necessary for everything to function smoothly.

New volunteers and fresh ideas are always welcome.

Here are ways you can get involved. 

Volunteers Holding hands

Steering Committee

LINEC is governed by a nine-member committee elected by the membership at the Annual Membership Meeting.  The nine members (along with up to four ex-officio members) manage LINEC, carry out business in the name of the organization, and report on program activities and plans at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Contact: Nola Jordan, Chair

Standing Committees

Standing committees and individuals prepare and edit the catalog and flyer, prepare mailings and distribution, work on marketing and publicity, audit financials, and secure nominations.

Contact:  Anne McCausland, Nominating Committee Chair,

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee researches and plans the course offerings and recruits instructors.  Members are asked to serve as facilitators for courses, to be the liaison with the instructor, and help with logistics.  For Zoom classes, they are trained to instruct users and troubleshoot.

Contact:  Don Melander, Curriculum Committee Chair 

To learn more, amended job descriptions 2023 to access the Job Descriptions Document for LINEC.