Chair, Nola Jordan
     Vice Chair, Paul Hague
     Treasurer, Lee DeBell

Curriculum Committee:

     Chair, Fran Philippe
     Members: Jean Anglim, Jackie Beaule-Harnish,  Jean Buck, Mindy Fitterman, Paul Hague, Dick Hesse, Alice Nye, Ken Traum

Catalog Committee:

     Chair, Nola Jordan
     Layout, Fran Philippe and Heidi Page
     Proofreaders, Judy Eliasberg, Mindy Fitterman, Mike Harnish, Anne McCausland, Alice Nye, Art Sweed

Nominating Committee:

     Chair, Anne McCausland
     Members: Richard McNamara, Edda Poggio

Mailing: Susan Roman

Publicity/Marketing: Chris Hague, Heleen Kurk

Auditor: Judy Eliasberg

New England College (NEC) Liaison: Glen Stuart

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