“Over the 10 years since I retired, LINEC has become one of the keys to my continued growth in knowledge and delight in life. It is not only a school—often a richer one than those of my youth—but a community of fellow adventurers. I teach classes. I take classes, I make friends. My world expands as I age, not contracts. LINEC is a gem to be treasured and shared.”

John McCausland, Hopkinton


“I was apprehensive about taking an online course after a long time being away from lectured learning activities and classes. LINEC provided the ideal opportunity for my personal growth with the perfect combination of virtual instruction, support, and collaboration to allow me to succeed! I look forward to taking additional courses.”

Kara Soggu, Bedford


“Being members of LINEC over the past decade has been a rewarding experience for Steve and myself. It has fulfilled our desire to keep learning new things and has enriched our lives with interesting people. We both served on the Steering Committee, and Steve served a term as chairman of the Steering Committee and I have been an instructor. Steve was especially proud of his role in strengthening LINEC’s relationship to New England College and LINEC’s annual scholarship aid for one of its students.  As a small tribute of his devotion to education, I am reminded of Steve often saying ‘I never stopped going to school!’ He loved it.”

Jane Waters, Hopkinton


“LINEC courses have provided me lifelong learning opportunities taught by knowledgeable instructors and allowed me to meet many fellow learners who quickly became good friends.”

Charlotte DeBell, Peterborough


“My husband and I have been LINEC members for the past five years (or so), and it has greatly enriched our lives.  The variety of classes offered in some semesters leaves us with a real problem:  deciding which classes to take.  We learned with experience that taking more than two (or three….) throws off our schedule for anything else.  Fortunately, my husband and I often sign up for different classes, so we can share what we have learned separately.  It has become a lovely tradition in spring and fall to gather together again with like-minded (older) adults and to participate in stimulating conversations.  And now, with COVID, Zoom classes are filling the gap – not quite the same as getting together in person (in new and interesting places), but better in some ways (no commuting) and still giving us a sense of shared community.  And what’s even better: a winter class schedule!  Thank you, LINEC.”

Ann and Dick Ludders, Henniker


“There are always such an interesting variety of courses with knowledgeable instructors. I’m never disappointed with LINEC classes.”

Jean Buck, Contoocook


“Over the years, my husband and I have taken so many courses and it has been a wonderful experience. It was probably 30 years ago that I read an article about LINEC and we started coming. So ‘thanks for the memory’ and may LINEC have many wonderful years ahead.  My thanks and best wishes to all who make LINEC possible.”

Kathleen Beliveau, Concord


“Once I retired, I was looking for ways to broaden my horizons. LINEC absolutely accomplished that and continues to.”

Ken Traum, Contoocook


“I was very impressed with the number of details I learned from these presentations.”

Jim Buck, Louden

Warm, friendly and interesting group- even on Zoom!

Shirley Hesse, Hopkinton, NH


I was on the NEC Faculty for 26 years, ran the physics department. It will be fun to see friends at NEC!

Bill Hatt, North Carolina


The “free parking” in my chair in front of a screen with old friends, colleagues is a plus and keeps me coming back and back!! Thanks!

Jeanne Bartlett, Deering, NH


“I’m enjoying the fact that I can take classes with my daughter- who lives in Dallas!”

Hope Thomas, Hillsborough, NH


“I take Zoom courses at four different locations. I am able to take courses without traveling and get the best Zooms.”

Bill Hatt, North Carolina