You can download and view the registration form by clicking here. Print and fill out this form then mail it to the address on the form along with your check for the amount of registration. Deadline for registration for this term is March 15, 2020! Membership fees for the academic year (September to August) are $35 for an individual or $50 for a household. After membership fees are paid each year, registration for each term is $15. Members may take as many courses as they desire during that term but please only sign up for courses that you plan to attend. Fees and registration costs cover the expenses of printing, mailing, course materials and administering the LINEC program.

Membership Benefits

  • Catalogs describing all LINEC courses to be offered for each term
  • Invitation to LINEC’s annual meeting held every September at NEC
  • Borrow LINEC course tapes and videos that are stored in the Danforth Library
  • Reduced fee for per-credit NEC courses
  • Ability to audit one NEC course per semester on a space-available basis at no cost
  • Invitations to special college events at NEC
  • Use of the resources at the NEC’s Danforth Library
  • Register by mail.
    Questions or to Request a printed catalog email to, or call 978-743-9077

    Heidi Page-LINEC Registrar
    56 Clearview Drive
    Loudon, NH 03307

    If you're interested in teaching a class please contact: Fran Philippe, Curriculum Chair, 603.717.9632

    Click here for information on location of NEC classrooms and parking.

    With the permanent green parking permits hung from the rear view mirror, LINEC members can park anywhere on campus. Parking registration forms will be available at the campus security building the first week of classes each term.

    Note: Larter is now the John Lyon Center, 55 Depot Hill Road, with parking down the street to the right.

    All buildings used by LINEC are handicap accessible.