New LINEC Fee Schedule

Due to a significant increase in LINEC operating costs, the Steering Committee has found it necessary to raise the fee structure for LINEC membership and course registration. We believe this is the first increase in fees since our organization was founded over 30 years ago. Increased operating costs include:

  • An administrative services contract to handle the myriad of tasks required to support our growing organization, and
  • Meeting-space costs incurred when New England College is unable to provide classroom space. This includes liability insurance and facility rental fees.

Growing Deficit

During Fiscal Year 2019-2020 LINEC expenses were $3,325 higher than our income.  If the pandemic had not prevented meeting in-person this Spring, we would have experienced a deficit of more than $3,400 in Fiscal Year 2020-2021.

Crafting a Plan

The new fee structure was developed by the LINEC Steering Committee to be fair and equitable for everyone. They thoroughly evaluated:

  • Anticipated costs when we are able to return to in-person courses.
  • Fees charged by the other learning institutes in New Hampshire.

Multiple options were developed and carefully evaluated and considered to develop this new fee structure.

Three-Year Plan

The new fee structure will be implemented over three years to spread out the financial impact on LINEC members.  This approach also provides flexibility to not fully implement the third-year increases if we see a significant increase in membership by that time.   However, it also means LINEC will continue to operate with a deficit budget during the first two years.

LINEC Fees: Fall 2023-Summer 2024

Fall 2023 – Summer 2024


  • LINEC Membership: $40 per person
  • Fall and Spring Registration: $15 per course
  • Summer Registration: $30 for unlimited courses.